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NSF Rated Food Processing High Bay Light

The food industry is very conscious of manufacturing and processing food safely. Many states and local governments have implemented stringent safety requirements in the food processing facilities across the USA.

One is these safety requirements is to have NSF Certified Lighting in all areas. NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation and this organization sets the testing standards to certify lighting products for the food processing industry.

Some of the testing requirements are:

1. High Color Rendering index with the ability to see the true colors of produce and protein products as they are processed.

2. Smooth Dust proof surface so that dust and other debris will not stay on the light.

3. The water Ingress Protection (IP rating) should be IP66 or better to withstand the dust, high temperature and high pressure wash downs of the light.

Selecting the right NSF Food processing light for your operation is important to ensure regulation compliance and long term durability.

Consider our line of food processing high bays

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